BB Cream vs Foundation

There will be a point in your life when you should make a hard decision to modify our makeup routine or products. It might be due to that your skin has been acting up, your foundation formula is not working as well anymore or you might just want to be adventurous and try new products.

BB Cream vs Foundation

We will be introducing Mica Beauty’s BB Cream made with Mica minerals and the difference with Foundation. BB Cream originated in Asia and is marketed as an all-in-one makeup face cream with SPF that claims to have all your skin’s needs in a lighter consistency. BB stands for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm’ and is used to even skin tone, correct and cover imperfections. In addition, BB Cream is able to hydrate, create a natural-looking finish and protect your skin from pollutants with antioxidants as their key ingredient.

Mica BB Cream has their own built-in primer, so you can save time in the morning when applying your face makeup. With a moisturised face, pump a good amount of BB Cream and with clean fingers dab the product onto the face and blend in for a natural looking finish. Quick and easy! In contrast to foundation, a primer and sunscreen are recommended to apply on your face before foundation. Foundation can be applied with brushes, makeup sponges, beauty blenders and/or fingers. Then it also takes time to blend and buff them into your skin for a natural finish.

This BB Face Cream does have a lighter consistency compared with foundation. It is a perfect product for everyday makeup because it provides medium coverage and covers blemishes. But foundation contains a higher coverage with its thick consistency in comparison with BB Cream. BB Cream will feel lighter on your skin, allowing your skin to breathe, foundation may have a higher chance of clogging up your pores and may lead to acne. Foundation can sometimes be cakey when it is not suitable for your skin or applied too much.

The downside of BB Cream is they only provide some limited shades (2 – 4 shades), however, foundation in any collection can be found with a huge range of shades (6 – 40 shades). But in Mica Beauty Cosmetics, our BB Creams come in 6 different shades from light to dark to match and complement all skin tones with its self-adjusting universal tone formula when it warms up on the skin. Check out Mica Beauty Cosmetics website for more info.

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