Body Care 101: Why Skincare Is Not Just for the Face

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of taking the time choosing facial skincare products, but just picking out whatever random product for body care. We won’t blame you, though - the hype for facial care is real. But the skin is our body’s overall barrier, and taking care of it should not stop on the face. Read on - we’re sharing the WHYs of body care, and how building a body care routine can give you healthy skin all over.


body care 101


Why Body Care?

Why should you invest in products that are meant to nourish the skin all over your body? Because an overall healthy skin is a daily, lifetime process.

The body sheds skin every single day, the glowing skin you may be enjoying now can be gone tomorrow. The body needs extra help in maintaining well-nourished, healthy skin.

Everyday, the skin gets battered by pollution, the sun, and toxic elements. It’s just right to give it the TLC it needs at the end of the day. Despite our best efforts on keeping the face youthful, when we skimp on body care, the skin in other areas might reveal signs of aging and dehydration. The skin outline we follow now can make a difference, even after 20 years!

An overall body care can also save you a ton of money from skin rehabilitation and repair. Even for the skin, prevention is better than cure - caring for the skin from top to bottom can save you from spending money on more serious skin concerns.

Starting a body care routine gives way to smoother, softer, wrinkle-free skin. Thankfully, following a total body skincare isn’t as complicated as you think. We’re sharing our body care favorites for an overall healthy skin!


What to Look for In Body Washes

A great body wash should be two things - strong enough to eliminate dirt and impurities, and gentle enough to leave the skin feeling soft and supple.

When choosing a body wash, choose one that contains gentle soap ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate, and moisturising agents like aloe vera, oils, and shea butter.

Sodium laureth sulfate’s mild consistency helps cleanse your skin without leaving it red and irritated. On the other hand, ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera removes the dry skin feel post-shower.


 best body wash
 Experience the gentle cleansing benefits of L’Occitane’s hand and body wash. Infused with shea butter and oat extract, you’ll step out of the shower feeling clean and moisturised.


What to Look for in Lotions

A dollop of lotion delivers a lot of benefits - anti-irritation, anti-itch, anti-flaky skin. Apply it right after you take a bath to lock in moisture for the whole day. To make it easy for you to find the right lotion, check your skin type.

If you have dry skin, choose lotions with thicker consistency to help lock in the moisture. Since your skin type tends to instantly lose hydration, thick creams can help retain moisture for a longer period.


 best body lotion
This light lotion moisturises your skin to its individual need as it promotes softness and suppleness. Massage onto cleansed skin with broad, circular motions. Enjoy the velvety soft touch of your skin.


If you have normal skin, choosing body moisturisers with light consistency can nourish the skin without leaving it sticky.

 shea butter lotion
Nourishes, moisturises and protects the skin which is the key in maintaining healthy skin. The subtle essences of jasmine and ylang-ylang help to lifts the sense.The rich texture is absorbed quickly to moisturize the skin up to 24 hours. Enriched with 15 percent Shea butter and calendula extract, it helps soothe skin, especially after sun exposure or waxing.


For oily skin, choose a water-based lotion so you can hydrate your skin without the slippery feel.


 body lotion
The Icon Vanilla Black Body Lotion is a richly-scented body lotion enriched with soothing and nourishing Mineral Black Pearl, Shea Butter, avocado oil, and vitamin E. This body lotion wraps your skin and your senses with a sensual vanilla, amber, and gardenia fragrance, leaving it delightfully soft and smooth.


What to Look for in Body Scrubs

Just like the skin on our face, the body also needs scrubbing to get rid of the build-up of impurities, oil, grime, and dirt. A simple soap-and-water routine may not always eliminate the factors that can trigger skin issues.

When looking for a body scrub, choose a product that has gentle exfoliation and moisturising benefits. Exfoliation can be tough on the skin - choosing one that leaves skin feeling smooth can prevent the proverbial burning and itchy sensation post-exfoliation.


best body scrub 
This body peeling refines and smooths your skin, removing calloused cells. Skins become wonderfully soft, even and radiant with a new lucidity. The subtle fragrance of blackcurrants, lily of the valley and musk stimulate your senses and envelop your skin with a long-lasting feeling of moisture and freshness.


What to Look for in Foot Care Products

The feet take a thousand steps each day - they literally receive a beating! Skincare for the feet is more than just the aesthetics - when you keep your feet moisturised, you can prevent getting cuts and cracks that could cause swelling, roughness, and infection.

Keeping the feet soft and moisturised prevents you from stepping on more feet problems. Applying a moisturiser before going out and before going to bed can make a huge difference in preventing undesirable cuts, cracks, and dryness.


foot care products 
Treat your skin to the rich goodness of shea butter! Contains Arnica and lavender essential oil ingredients from natural origins. Features soothing properties, and blended with Shea Butter to create this effective care and refresh tired feet.



So don’t skimp on skincare for your entire body. Get healthy, radiant skin from top to bottom with total body care! For skin that’s free from impurities and skin issues, lather your skin with love from your face to your toes - it’s worth it!

Need some help putting together the best skincare routine for your skin type? Try our skin quiz!

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