Fake Tan: How to Remove It (The Right Way)

When it comes to getting a flawless fake tan, the essential first step is getting off any old fake tan first to make sure that you get a natural, even-toned bronzed glow. There are a huge array of beauty tips for how to get rid of fake tan, ranging from using strong baking soda on your skin (this is a no-no, btw!) to specialised products that help to sweep away any lingering fake tan. 

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We've rounded up our best beauty tips for how to remove fake tan without accidentally irritating your skin and leaving it perfectly prepped for your next tanning session!

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Wait, Why Should I Remove Fake Tan?

I know what you’re thinking - why would I want to remove my fake tan? Shouldn’t I just let it fade away? Well, it depends. We can think of four reasons why you might need a little bit of help removing your fake tan!

Your Tan is Too Dark/Orange/Green

We all know someone who has accidentally committed this self-tan skin - their tan has turned out too deep, too orange, or just otherwise not quite right for them. Sorting this out ASAP means fake tan removal and perhaps starting over again for a natural glow.

Streaky Application

This one happens most commonly to fake tan newbies, but getting an even tan can actually be harder than you think! Having a streaky, uneven tan happens when you’ve accidentally applied a little too much to certain areas, and not enough to others - but it can be hard to tell until after the tan has developed.

Darker Elbows & Hands

Because of how naturally stretchy the skin is around joints, these hot spots can appear way darker with fake tan. And we mean, way darker. It’s easy to accidentally end up with a little product build up in these spots, even for the most experienced fake tan fan.

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How to Remove Fake Tan: Best Products to Use 

When it comes to fake tan removal, there are a few different approaches you can take - and you can actually use these as multiple steps to make sure you get every speck of fake tan off. 

Fake Tan Remover

You can actually buy products formulated to remove fake tan, such as this Fake Tan Remover from Vani-T. They work by slightly changing the pH of your skin, which is why other at-home fake tan removal tips involve using vinegar, lemon juice, or pure baking soda. All three of these can change your skin's pH enough to help remove fake tan, however, they can have the unintended side effect of causing irritation and excess dryness to your skin

This mousse makes tan removal easy in one simple step! It uses the power of exfoliation to lift away old fake tan for a fresh bare canvas.


Just as exfoliation is an essential way to prep your skin for fake tan, it’s also a great way to help remove fake tan. How to get fake tan off with exfoliation is super easy with an exfoliating glove or body scrubs. They help to loosen surface dead skin cells, fading your tan. 

Depending on the exfoliation method that you use, it could take a few sessions for full fake tan removal - that’s why we also recommend using it alongside the next fake tan removal tip: using an oil.

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Oils are a fantastic gentle technique to remove fake tan. How to get fake tan off with oil is simple - all you need to do is to really coat your skin with your chosen body oil, massaging it in and leaving it on for at least an hour or so. Oils help to soften surface dead skin cells, making them easier to exfoliate away and remove fake tan. 

The bonus is that oils help to keep hydration in your skin, preventing the dryness that might occur after exfoliation. 

Nourish your skin with this blend of vitamin-rich plant oils for an ultra-moisturised glow.

Fake Tan Removal Tips: Key Ideas

How to remove fake tan is easy with the right products and tips - whether you just need to even out dark spots or start fresh, these tan removal products will help you get in the right direction to getting that fresh off the beach bronzed glow - no sun exposure required. 

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  • MOR Marshmallow Sugar Body Scrub
  • Vani-T Tan Eraser Tan Removal Mousse
  • Vani-T Exfoliating Mitt
  • Anne Semonin Vitamin-Rich Body Oil
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