How To Create Your Own Luxe Vanity Station For All Your Beauty Needs

This might shock you but I believe beauty has no real expense. I prefer to label everything I purchase or time I spend on beauty as an investment because that's really what we're doing, investing in ourselves.

Now, if we're going to do this properly, the one thing you must invest in is a beauty vanity station! No more makeup on the bedroom floor or up against a bathroom mirror. This is a place where all of your products have a home and you can ease into your skincare or makeup routine uninterrupted.

In this post, I'm going to give you the top things to include in your vanity station to make it as luxe as possible without the price tag. 



Start With Space

This is the most important step which is why it comes first. Everyone's home and living arrangements are different. For most of us, our bedrooms will be the source for this space, it's a place that's home to most of our belongings such as jewellery and clothes, plus it's a place where we aren't interrupted easily (children pending). 

Ask the following questions:

  • Where is the most space I have in my bedroom or home?
  • Do I have enough space for a large or small table?
  • Can I fit a chair/stool with this space, and can it be tucked under the table?

It's a perfect time to bring out the tape measure and draw a little floor plan of your own to see where the vanity is best placed.


Once you know the space you're working with it's time to go shopping! Browsing google and online furniture sites will be your best source. 



How To Pick Your Vanity Table & Chair

Smaller Spaces:

If you're limited by size measurements will be your most important criteria. A thin table (25-35cm depth from the wall) will fit nicely in most bedrooms and smaller spaces. Ideally, you will be thinking of how to maximise space in smaller areas such as a pull-out drawer and stool to tuck under so you can sit. Standing vanities are also perfect for smaller spaces & help with good posture!  


Larger Spaces:

If you are lucky enough to have a large room, measure the space you have to work with and focus on style and 'feel'. Pinterest & Instagram are a great place to start bringing ideas together (some hashtags to begin with #vanity #vanitytable)

Here are some websites to check out with different price ranges:



Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Different mirrors are suited to different environments, so we need to choose the right mirror for your space. In most cases, this will be a stand-alone mirror that can be moved and take little space, however if space allows, there's nothing wrong with looking for a wall-mounted vanity mirror to complement the home decor and surroundings. Aim for a lighted option and consider adding a magnifying disc so you can see easily.


Know Your Lighting Arrangements

Before picking a particular style, I always look to see what type of light is available in the room. Unfortunately, your standard room lights are not in this category. If there isn't much natural light in the room opt for a mirror that comes with integrated LED lighting or luxe out with some individual bulbs & Bluetooth compatibility for a true Hollywood star feel. 

Select Styles Based On Size & Portability:

Next focus on size to match your potential vanity tables and portability. There are some fantastic options available online ranging from simple mirrors and additional LED attachments to extreme luxury mirrors integrated with LED and Bluetooth capabilities for playing your favourite glam Spotify playlist. 

I would advise having a smaller portable mirror integrated with LED lights available that can be packed in a bag and used on the go. It's always good for work & weekend travel plans. 

Here are some websites to check out:



Organise Your Products Like A Pro

We've come this far so you don't want to have all the gear and no idea. We need to think smarter and have things organised because it makes you feel empowered knowing everything has its place. That's why you need to invest in cosmetic organisers. 

We won't go into too much detail here, but if you are going to spend money you will usually want something clear and easy to house multiple beauty products in. Clear Acrylic organisers are functional, while other companies such as 'Vanity Collections' have opted to make choices much easier by creating IKEA compatible organisers to make limited space your friend!

Here are some websites to check out:



Decorate Till Your Heart Is Content

The last piece of constructing your luxe vanity station is the most fun! Everyone has their own style and it's time to let it shine through your interior decorating skills. 

If you're not sure on the style or items to add, think first about the mood you want your vanity to represent. Do you prefer a calming environment or upbeat and ready to get your glam on? Once you decide, it's time to bring the best elements that suit the mood you're feeling!

You can shop anywhere to find amazing decorations so instead of listing websites, here are a few ideas you might want to add to your vanity station to make it complete!

  • Candles
  • Vases & Flowers
  • Glass Boxes
  • Protective Table Mat
  • Scented Oils or Diffusers
  • Jewellery Holders
  • A Tea Set

The key is to keep it simple, remember the purpose for the vanity is not only to make it look good, it has to be functional.


We hope this guides you to create your own luxe vanity station for all your beauty needs! Feel free to tag us on Instagram or Pinterest to show us what you like and pictures of your final creations!

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