How To: Your VA-VA-VOOM Eyelash Routine

Long lashes can make your eyes look wider, bigger and brighter. Here’s our guide to a mascara routine that will build fuller eyelashes!

PREP: Condition Your Lashes

Prep your lashes the night before by applying baby oil, moisturiser or a special formulated eyelash conditioner with a clean wand before your beauty sleep. This will help to ensure your mascara goes on smoothly.

Step 1: Choose your Mascara

Eyelashes range broadly in terms of length, shape and thickness. Luckily, theres a mascara for basically any type of look you're after!

Lengthening: Try a lengthening mascara with a wand that has thick bristles.
Volumising: Look for the words "volume" or "thickening" and use a wand with a lot of bristles.
Curl: Opt for any mascara, just make sure you're applying with a curved brush
Natural: Use a thinner brush with less bristles.
Lasting: Opt for anything thats labelled "Waterproof" - this ensures  your product doesn't run or smudge.

Pro-Tip: Black is usually the way to go, if you're after bold, volumising lashes. However, if you're after a more natural look, opt for a brown shade!

Step 2: Curl your Lashes
Using an eyelashes curler, lightly give you lashes a few pumps at the base of your lashes, then a few pumps towards the middle of the lashes (for an even curl).


  • If you're looking for extra hold, you can first heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer prior to using (be cautious of heat near your eyes). 
  • Always curl your lashes before putting on mascara. Curling after putting on mascara can cause breakage.

Step 3: Prime your Lashes 
Primer will help your mascara stay on much longer, conditions dry lashes and will help hold the curl. 

Step 4: Coat Wand and Remove Excess Product
Swirl the wand in the tube and then remove it. If there is too much product on the wand, carefully scrape any excess on the edge of the tube (if necessary).

Pro-Tip: Avoid pumping your mascara as this pumps unwanted air into the tube causing the formula to dry up faster.

Step 5: Apply Base Coat
Starting at the roots, wiggle your wand back and forth then slightly swipe outwards in a zigzag motion over your lashes. If you want a thicker coat, start with applying the mascara on top of your lashes, then followed by applying from underneath. 

Pro-Tip: To prevent smudging, try placing a business card under your lashes and above when applying mascara. 

Step 6: Apply Additional Coats as Needed
Add additional coats of mascara until you're happy with the look.



Using an eye makeup remover, remove all the mascara and any other eye product at the end of the day. Do not sleep with eye makeup on as this can cause eye infections and is also very drying on your lashes which may cause damage.



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