Oats: Skin Benefits for Dry Skin & Sensitive Skin

When it comes to natural skincare ingredients that help to soothe skin, there are more out there than you’d expect. These ingredients are fantastic at providing moisture for dry skin, smoothing away visible skin flakes and helping your skin to hold onto more hydration.

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Famous skincare ingredients that you might find in a moisturiser for dry skin include Centella Asiatica and Panthenol. Still, another natural skin care ingredient is perfect for sensitive and dry skin: oats.

Skin benefits of this natural plant extract have to do with unique proteins naturally found in this soothing skincare ingredient - here’s our guide to the benefits of oat extract for the skin.

Are Oats Good for Skin?

Yes! Studies have found that skincare containing oat extracts are incredibly beneficial for your skin. Oat baths are often recommended for children with irritated skin to help soothe redness and irritation - and to be honest, this advice isn’t exclusive to children, either! Adults with irritated skin can use an oat bath to soothe irritation and even reduce the redness of a sunburn.

Oats are equally as good for your skin included in a well-formulated skin care product as well as in a homemade oat bath too. Here’s precisely how oats benefit skin!

This gently foaming cleanser is fortified with Aloe Vera Extract and Oat Amino Acids to refresh and cleanse skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight. 

Strengthens Your Moisture Barrier

At Beauty Affairs, we bring this up in almost every blog post - but it’s so crucial for your skin! Skin issues such as dermatitis and eczema are worsened - and arguably caused by - a weak, damaged moisture barrier. Studies have found that Oat Extract improves the skin’s moisture barrier function, making it an essential ingredient in a moisturiser for sensitive skin.

Formulated with Oat Extract, Peptides, and Caffeine, this rejuvenating eye cream from Clarins works hard to strengthen delicate under eye skin from all angles.

Rebalance Skin pH

This goes hand-in-hand with helping out your skin’s moisture barrier, which is also called the acid mantle. When your skin’s pH level is too high or too low, your skin barrier is in a vulnerable state and can't work as well to shield your skin from external stressors such as dryness or pollution

One study found that oat extract can effectively rebuffer your skin’s pH back to normal levels, helping your skin barrier to function generally for healthy, hydrated skin!

Created especially for sensitised and dry skin, this cleanser from Dermalogica thoroughly sweeps away impurities while protecting skin from dryness and irritation thanks to Oat Extract and other soothing ingredients. 

Rich Source of Beta-Glucan

One primary source of the benefits of oat extract for skin is a polysaccharide called Beta-Glucan. This molecule makes whole oats slightly sticky, and when applied to the skin, it’s incredibly beneficial.

One scientifically proven benefit of Beta-glucan is the power of wound-healing. This can sound a little dramatic, but that’s just how scientific journals refer to skin healing from trauma or irritation.

This can include healing from breakouts or even supporting damage in your moisture barrier that you haven't even noticed yet! This effect can also reduce inflammation in your skin, reducing redness from irritation or active acne for a hydrated, healthy glow.

Ideal for nourishing dry, irritated skin, this rich moisturiser from Declaré works hard to nourish skin with the power of Oat Extract and Shea Butter.

Boosts Skin Hydration

Oats are fantastic at providing a source of hydration and moisture for dry skin! Beta-glucan also has humectant-like abilities, attracting water to itself and increasing the hydration levels in your skin. This is crucial for all skin types to function correctly, especially those with sensitive, dry, and dehydrated skin concerns. 

Strengthened with soothing Aloe Vera and hydrating Oat Extract, this essence deeply hydrates skin and soothes away redness and irritation.

Is Oatmeal Good for Sensitive Skin?

Oats are a must-have ingredient in your skincare arsenal if you have sensitive skin, but that’s not the only skin type that it’s suitable for! The truth is, Oat Extract stands to benefit all skin types - it’s just perfect for sensitive, dry, and dehydrated skin. 

Now that we know exactly how oat extract benefits skin, will you be adding this superstar natural ingredient to your skincare routine? 

Or, if you're after a custom-made routine just for your skin type, try our skin analysis.

Skin Analysis

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