Puffy Eyes: How to Get Rid of Them for Good

Puffy eyes - what to do? If you find that you often wake up in the morning to find your eyes much puffier than you went to sleep with, there might be a few reasons why. We’ve all woken up to puffy eyes at some point in our lives - but is there anything we can actually do to stop getting puffy eyes? How to get rid of eye bags starts with understanding the causes of puffy eyes in the morning in the first place - then, we can create a skincare routine to address these eye bags and sort them out for good.

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There are actually a few reasons why you might get eye bags in the morning - taking a look at any bad habits that could be causing eye bags is crucial for preventing the problem from appearing as frequently. Here’s our guide to what causes puffy eyes in the morning and how to manage them. 

Why Am I Waking up With Puffy Eyes?

There isn’t just one single cause of puffy eyes and under eye bags - there are a few factors that can come together to create that puffy look in the morning. However, there’s one thing that underlines the cause of temporary eye bags - and it has to do with hydration and water retention in your body. 

Temporary puffy eyes are caused by fluid retention in your face, while the permanent kind caused by ageing is caused by the collagen and fat density of your skin changing over time. This process is much slower and less instant and can take a slightly different approach to reduce the appearance of. 

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5 Reasons for Puffy Eyes

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “Why do I have puffy eyes when I wake up?”, it might be a good idea to take a look if you’re doing things that actually caused puffy eyes. What to do about it depends on which of these could be the cause of your eye bags!

1) Eating Too Much Salt
One of the most common causes of puffy eyes in the morning is a high sodium intake. This could be simply from having a salty dinner before going to bed, or not drinking enough water during the day. Prevent puffy eyes by making sure you’re staying hydrated and drinking enough water to help prevent water retention!

2) Crying
This one has more of a science-y explanation, despite having a well, emotional cause. You know how tears and sweat are naturally a little bit salty? Tears can make the skin around our eyes look puffy because of a process called osmosis, where salt in tears can attract more water to it, resulting in that tell-tale puffy-eyed look after crying.

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3) Not Enough Sleep
Another one of the common causes of puffy eyes in the morning is just not getting enough sleep. When you don’t allow your eyes to rest, fluid builds up in the area beneath your eyes, causing tell-tale eye bags and dark circles. Getting enough beauty sleep will go a long way to preventing your eyes feeling puffy in the first place!

4) Allergies 
If you have allergies, waking up with puffy eyes might be common for you. Allergies can manifest as puffy, watery eyes. Reducing exposure to allergens will go a long way to making sure that you minimise how puffy your eyes are.

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5) Age
One of the reasons for puffy eyes can include age - as we get older, the muscles and tissues under our skin can begin to droop, causing a puffy, sagging effect under our eyes. How to reduce puffy eyes can get a little bit harder at this point, and your skincare focus should be on using anti-ageing ingredients to firm the skin for a youthful look. 

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes 

Now that we know the reasons for puffy eyes, how do you get rid of them? Here are our best tips and tricks for dealing with puffy eyes in the morning. One of the best things that you can do is introduce a cooling, soothing feeling to swollen and puffy eyes - it helps to bring down any puffiness for eyes that feel normal again!

1) Eye Masks
Eye masks, also called eye patches, are perfectly shaped gel cut-outs that are soaked in nourishing essence to use under your eyes. They’re often formulated with hydrating skincare ingredients to deal quickly to under eye dryness, puffiness, and dark circles. 

No matter which of the causes of puffy eyes you’re dealing with, cooling eye patches go a long way to reducing eye bags and under eye shadows!

This unique eye mask helps to cool and hydrate delicate under eye skin, strengthening it against wrinkles and reducing the look of puffy under eyes.

2) Face Roller
A perfect product to pair with an eye mask, a jade or face roller will go a long way to work as a natural remedy for puffy eyes. Face rollers are one of the best skincare tools to use for puffy eyes as they  help to massage away any water build up, helping to restore your eyes back to their normal state.

Since cooler temperatures are a great natural remedy for puffy eyes, one skincare hack you can do to reduce eye bags is to pop your facial roller in the fridge before using. The cold stone combined with massage will help reduce puffy eyes in no time!

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3) Eye Cream & Eye Serum
Eye care products are ideal for reducing puffy under eyes - they’re often formulated with circulation stimulating ingredients such as caffeine and peptides to help encourage excess fluid to disappear for eyes that look well-rested and stress-free. 

Many luxury eye creams also come with cooling, soothing applicators that go a long way to reducing the appearance of puffy under eyes in the long run, as well as ingredients that target eye bags and dark circles in the first place!

This eye cream packs a hydrating punch, comforting irritated skin and gently de-puffing with a cooling massage applicator tip. 

Puffy Eyes: What to Do in the Long Run?

A combination of the right skincare ingredients and tips will help make sure that you stop waking up with puffy eyes every single day. Making sure that you’re drinking enough water and avoiding overly salty foods can help, while the right skincare tricks like using a cold jade roller will help relax and soothe under eye bags.

Now that you have all the tips and tricks for dealing with puffy eyes, we've helped you get your beauty affairs in order!

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