Take The SKIN QUIZ: Which FOREO device is right for you?

A skincare routine that caters to your unique needs is essential for healthy and glowing skin. With our broad range of innovative skincare products you'll be rocking that vibrant complexion in no time.

Take the skin quiz below to determine which FOREO facial cleansing device is right for you!

What does your skin look like?

a. My skin has little to no visible imperfections
b. I have thinning skin with red/dry/bumpy patches that become irritated easily
c. My skin has some oily patches on my T-zone areas but my cheeks are matte
d. My face is shiny and I have clogged pores.

What is your acne situation?
a. I only get the occasional pimple
b. My skin gets irritated easily, which will often cause redness/acne
c. I often get breakouts, particularly on my T-zone areas
d. My entire face will experience breakouts and clogged pores.

What does your skin feel like when you touch it?
a. My skin feels soft and supple
b. My skin feels tingly or slightly irritated
c. My skin feels oily and looks shiny in certain areas and dry in others
d. Anywhere area I touch on my face feels slick and oily

How does your skin react when you splash water on your face?
a. My skin is fine
b. Warms and has red patches on the face
c. My skin feels cleansed but I can still see oily patches on my T-zone areas
d. I can still see an oily sheen all over my face

What is your experience with wearing makeup?
a. My makeup lasts all day with no problems
b. I find that I am often allergic or have bad reactions to makeup
c. My makeup begins to come off around midday on some areas of my face
d. My makeup begins to come off as soon as I apply it





Need some help putting together the best skincare routine for your skin type? Try our skin quiz!

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