Types of Body Care Products

We get confuse to use which kind of body care products that are suitable for our body type, especially with the variety of choices of products in the market. Furthermore, taking care of our sometimes dry, dehydrated and cracked body is a task that we often neglect. So, we are here to break it down for you.

Body Care Products

1. Body Care

There’s different types of body care products to moisturise your body. The difference in these body care products is the base of the product. It requires trial and error to know which type is suitable and preferable for your body.

  • Body lotion is lighter than body butter made from oil and water, it absorbs into the skin fast, leaving the skin in a smooth feeling and non-sticky.
  • Body Oil is the type of body care product that is made with an oil based. The body oils’ intention is to protect the outer barrier of your skin by nourishing it. By protecting the outer barrier of the skin, it also prevents any moisture to leave your skin. But, it sinks into the skin quickly and leaves the skin feeling non-greasy.
  • Body butter can be made from butter and oil, therefore the consistency of the product is much richer and denser. But body butters typically provide much intense hydration for the skin. Due to its thicker texture, it takes a longer period to be absorb into the skin, but you don’t need as much product in one use.

2. Hand Cream

Moisturising your hands is equally as important as moisturizing your body. It is also a routine that should be develop. This kind body care product will help nourish your hands, making them smooth and soft. The hand cream can also act as a protective layer for your hands from daily exposure. Some ingredients to look out for in a good hand cream in Vitamin E, almond milk, Aloe Vera and others that will provide you moisture and protect your skin.

3. Deodorant

Deodorant also known as anti-perspirant is definitely in the category of body care products. Wearing deodorant provides protections on your underarms with added fragrance and helps in prevent sweating and body odour. There’s a few types of deodorant which are the roll-on, stick and the spray, it depends on your preference on what you like. Spray is light and dry quicker than the roll-on and stick. While wearing roll-on or sticks, be careful to not stain on your underarm shirt.

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