What is Dermaplaning: The Beauty Affairs Guide

Over the last year, some beauty trends have popped up that sound a bit stranger than others - like dermaplaning. Let’s take a close-up look at this experimental face shaving procedure that’s supposed to boost radiance and make your skincare work even better. 

What is Dermaplaning?

Great question - what is dermaplaning, anyway? This beauty treatment is the process of using a skincare tool called a facial razor to carefully shave away any vellus hair and remove lingering dead skin cells on your skin, revealing a whole lot of benefits for your skin including smoother makeup application and a gorgeous glow. 

Dermaplaning at home has been popularised by Instagrammers like Chloe Morello and Jackie Aina. I know what you’re thinking - it does sound a lot like shaving your face! In essence, it technically is - with skincare benefits!

You can dermaplane at home or get the procedure done by a beauty therapist - however, like with all at-home treatments, the at-home version is usually less potent than the expert-administered version. 

When you get this procedure done in a beauty therapists office, they use ultra-sharp dermaplaning blades that have been specially designed for this procedure, effectively shaving away dead skin cells to a deeper layer than you’d ever be able to safely do at home. 

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The Benefits of Dermaplaning 

The reason so many people love this beauty technique is for all the benefits it lends your skin. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of dermaplaning and why it’s such a beloved beauty treatment!

1) Better Makeup Application

One of the biggest reasons why using a face razor is so popular is because it’s the perfect procedure to do right before a big event! Dermaplaning shaves off what’s called the vellus hair - this is the fine downy hair that everyone has on their skin, even on our faces. It’s barely noticeable on its own, but can impact makeup application - removing it leaves your skin a perfectly smooth, blank canvas ready for makeup! 

2) Dermaplaning Boosts Luminosity 

Another one of the benefits of dermaplaning we can’t miss is how it boosts your skin’s natural glow. Dermaplaning works double duty on this one for two major reasons - firstly, it instantly makes skin look brighter because of the double-effect removal of fine hair and the uppermost layer of dead skin cells. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes when it comes to adding radiance to skin! 

The reason skin seems more luminous and brighter is simple physics - the smoother and more flawless a surface is, the more easily light bounces back off of it. Without any excess dead skin cells and fine hairs in the way, skin often has an ethereal, flawless glow post-dermaplane appointment. 

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3) Dermaplaning Has Minimal Downtime

Compared to other professional beauty treatments, dermaplaning has pretty much zero downtime. You can think of downtime as the extended period of time after a procedure where your skin might look worse before it looks better - for example, your skin right after extractions can look a bit sore or inflamed, or chemical peels leave skin feeling extremely sensitive to the sun and literally peeling in the days right after (spoiler alert: they’re supposed to.)

By comparison, dermaplaned skin has virtually no lasting downtime - while you might not want to put on makeup immediately after dermaplaning, your skin should be ready by the next day, especially if you follow up your dermaplaning appointment with hydrating, nourishing skincare.

4) Boosts Skincare Absorption

This is a major instant benefit of dermaplaning at home or at the beauty therapists office - it makes all of your skincare products into your skin even more effectively, now that that uppermost layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair follicles aren’t in the way! However, there’s one warning to this - you might be better off waiting until the next day after a dermaplanning appointment to use your retinol or exfoliating toner!

5) Fights Off Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Over time, dermaplaning tools may also help to fade dark spots and the look of wrinkles thanks to dermaplaning essentially being a form of super-effective physical exfoliation. This intensive exfoliation stimulates your skin cell’s natural turnover, stimulating collagen and elastin production for firmer, younger skin. 

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Dermaplaning at Home vs. Professional Dermaplane Facial

The question is, should you be doing this at home? The truth is, the facial razors you see in videos are not as effective as the professional dermaplaning blades that your beauty therapist has access to - and for good reason. 

Dermaplaning at home is closer to just giving yourself a very close shave in comparison to getting the treatment professionally done - you’ll see a lot of the same instant benefits like smoother skin for makeup, but you won’t necessarily get the long-term anti-ageing and skin-brightening benefits. 

So, now that you know all the benefits of dermaplaning, will you be adding this skin-transforming treatment to your beauty roster?

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