Winter Makeup Trends 2017

Would you like to know what the most popular winter 2017 makeup trends are? You are in the right place! We are here to tell you what exactly the trends are for this winter so you can create your own eye-catching makeup look in this cold and chilly winter:.

Top-notch ideas for winter 2017 makeup trends


Make sure that your face is thoroughly cleansed and purified before putting on any makeup.

  • Nude makeup will help you feel more confident by applying minimal makeup that will cover your redness and blemishes, allowing you to achieve a flawless, natural look. 
  • The glowing complexion is one of the top winter 2017 makeup style. It is effectively defining the features of the face, by using the foundation that easily blends into your skin to create a glowing, almost wet finish effect.


  • Minimalist eyes can create a simple look effortlessly by choosing the light colours and simple lines that give you a gorgeous ,splendid daytime look. Also, it can easily be modified to an evening look by just adding extra makeup.
  • Oversized eyelashes would be at the top of the trends. Create the Twiggy style by placing the false lashes on the lower eyelids and slightly separating each of the lashes through using the mascara which presents an impressive and incredible look.
  • The smokey eye is one of the latest winter 2017 makeup looks that has gone up to different level. You could either simply put the black eyeliner only on the outskirts of the eye or create a cat-eye look. Also, you can smudge your brow bone with shadow to achieve a sultry, shadowy appearance, enabling you to enhance your sexiness look and achieve a signature smokey look.


Make sure you remove all the dry skin, flakes on lip before putting on any lipsticks.

  • Minimalist lips can effectively help with the simplicity and harmony of the look. Choosing the nude lip colour will make your beautiful lips look soft, fleshy and alluring.
  • The statement lips is one of the winter 2017 makeup trends because it attracts attention quickly. Using the neon colour, dark lipstick shades, two-tones color or bold reds will create the perfect statement lips!

Just a reminder, winter can cause dehydration, soreness and paleness on your face, cracks appear on your lip and dark circles become more noticeable. Each part of them is so important for our facial appearance, it directly influence the first impression. Therefore, it is always significant to keep the face moisturized and hydrated. Here is the Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin to know how to take care of the dry skin for this cold season.

Need some help putting together the best skincare routine for your skin type? Try our skin quiz!

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