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With the Jade Crystal massage roller from dermalogica you massage targeted facial areas to relieve tension of the facial muscles. It relaxes and refreshes your skin. Blood circulation and oxygen supply are promoted and skin elasticity is improved. The roller stimulates the facial lymph, acts against swelling through the gentle and persistent pressure and supports the tightening, especially on the cheeks and eyes.


The jade roller promotes blood circulation, reduces swelling under the eyes and helps products to be better absorbed into the skin. By daily massaging of stiff muscles on the jaw, cheeks and forehead, the facial skin becomes firmer and more radiant.

Effect: Anti-aging, smoothing, contouring

Skin type: For all skin types


The roller can be used on its own or in combination with products and ensures that masks, serums, moisturizers and facial oils are absorbed deep into the skin. Hold your wrist with the roller close to your face and apply a gentle even pressure over the rollers when rolling. You don't have to press hard or roll quickly to get a massage effect. Can be used daily in the morning and evening.

Tip: Massage roller can be heated by hand before use or placed in the refrigerator a few minutes before rolling for an additional warmth or cooling effect.


Natural stone jade

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